Interest Rate Payout Frequency

Interest Rate Payout Frequency

Learn About Interest Rate Payout Frequencies on a Fixed Deposit Fixed Deposits are a very popular investment vehicle for millions of Indians. This is because…

Tricks to Save Money

Tricks to Save Money

One can use these tricks to save money. Using this, one can fool oneself to save more. Saving money does not come naturally to people….

Logical Investment

Ideas of Good Logical Investment

No matter how much one reads about investment, but if the knowledge is not applied logically these learnt lessons will go in vain. One may…

How Much Insurance One Needs

How much insurance one needs?

If you are the only earning member of your family, you are in immediate need of a life insurance policy in order to give financial…

finance software

Pay for finance software?

Should you pay for finance software or get it free? Keeping finances under control can be a menace. A lot of businesses today use the…

Save Tax

Tax Saving Tips for Newlyweds

Tax Saving Tips for Newlyweds For every individual tax saving hold a great importance. Investment for most people starts and ends with tax planning. While…