Budget and Manage Your Money

If you can budget and manage your money, it will be one of the biggest gifts you will give to your self. Uncontrolled spending is…

how to save money being a student2

How to Save Money Being a Student

Being a student and being poor go hand in hand. Naturally, that’s frustrating. You want to do things. You want to get out. You want…

How to Budget in Fluctuating Income Scenario?

How to Budget Fluctuating Income?

On an average, 50% of the total workforce in India are self-employed. This value is projected taking in account the rural India population as well….

investment concept

The Investment Concepts for Beginners

It took some years to realize the importance of maintaining a balance between debt and investment. A person who is carrying huge debts, should not…

student to millionaire

Student to Millionaire

Each of us dreams of a careless life full of bright moments and unforgettable experiences. But as it often happens, living life at its fullest…