Signs that says One Know Nothing about Investing

Rating: Investment is an activity where one purchase assets. Asset purchase is done with the objective of earning capital appreciation in times to come. There are also investors who purchase assets with objective of generating future income. When one knows nothing about ‘assets’, ‘capital appreciation’ & ‘future income’ it means he know nothing about investing. […]

Factors that determine the strength of a currency

Rating: One day one of my colleague in office asked about valuation of Pakistani Rupee compared to Indian Rupee. We immediately Googled and found that 1 Pakistani Rupee was equivalent to 0.59 Indian Rupees. We concluded that Pakistani Rupee is cheaper than Indian Rupee. Then somebody questioned that which currency is the costliest. One of […]

How to Invest Retirement Money in India?

Rating: It is of absolute importance to invest retirement money carefully. Every paisa of retirement money invested properly gives huge confidence to the family. Studying all options available in India to invest retirement money before locking it is beneficial. After retirement, people do not want to speculate with their money. Instead, they will be satisfied […]

World’s First Social Bank Account – Kotak JIFI

Rating: Jify is an English word which is used to express quick actions. These days’ people are always connected online. Information’s and actions are executed in a jify. Patience is no longer a necessity. Quick actions and results are what people associate more with. Kotak JIFI banking provides just that for the people. Integration of […]