World’s First Social Bank Account – Kotak JIFI

Rating: Jify is a term that is used to express quick actions. These days’ people are always connected online. Information’s and actions can be done in a jiffy. Patience is no longer a necessity. Quick actions and results are what people associate more with. Kotak JIFI banking provides just that for the people. Integration of […]

Easy to Understand Financial Advice

Rating: We read several financial advice on internet. Some are great and many are average. But none are easy to understand financial advice. All good articles talks about something new, they have that uniqueness. Variety of good financial advice available on internet is so diversified that it can confuse many. I tried to dig-deep into […]

Relationship Between GDP and Tax Revenue

Rating: There is a strong relationship between GDP and tax revenue. But before we must know what is GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is a indicator of economies health. GDP figure also show how big is the economy. But why we use GDP. In layman terms GDP compares earning and spending power of different countries. […]

Great Stock Investing Rules

Rating: Here we will talk about few great stock investing rules. But before that lets see what makes stock so dear to investors. Many people believe that stock market investing is a kind of gambling. Such people find it very risky to invest directly in stocks. However, there are investors, who considers stocks as safe […]

Money Never Sleeps in Wall Street

Rating: Money never sleeps is a concept that is true and shall be used by all investors. Its true that money never sleeps. Money can work really hard for us. It can double itself faster when put to work in a right way. People generally underestimate the benefits of the concept of money never sleeping. […]

Investing Tools for Beginners

Rating: Investing in shares can never be a piece of cake. Even experts feel this. Beginners need right investing tools to invest wisely in shares. Shares investment is not easy, but use of right investing tools gives control. Common perception about shares is ‘it is very risky’. It is not wrong, shares are risky. Beginners […]

How House is a Good Investment?

Rating: I used to wonder how house is a good investment. I used to believe that buying house for self is not good. My belief was, house for self is only a liability and not an asset. When one buys a house for self, there is no cash-in. Instead the cash always moves out of […]

How to Study Stocks of Companies?

Rating: This was a magical day…in my dream but it had lot of meaning. This dream taught me how to study stocks. One day early in the morning and I found myself playing with multimillion dollars in bank account. The first reaction was of ecstasy and the very next moment the sense of responsibility. Responsibility […]