Tougher Financial Goals Needs Higher Investment Risks

Rating: Tougher Financial Goals are hard to achieve. If one wants to play safe, probably he will never reach the goal. In order to keep goals within realistic-reach we need to take higher investment risks. Witch some careful calculations and good timing, high invest ricks can be managed. One day my boss told me to […]

Rules for Start Saving Money in Young Age

Rating: Before a child enters the professional world, he shall begin to start saving money. There are cascading benefits of starting to save money in young age. Traditionally money is a thing that we spend well. Saving money does not come naturally to us. It takes time to learn to save money. For a parent […]

How to Become Financially Organized

Rating: How to become financially organized? Most people have their personal finance in complete disarray. Is it difficult to lead a financially organized life? No, leading a financially organized life is not difficult. If we know how to balance between income and expense, we can lead a financially healthy life. The most logical conclusion why […]

Why Poor Stay Poor: Most Visible Mistakes of Poor?

Rating: Why poor stay poor? This is because they do not know the path to get rich. One must attain financial independence first. Only after achievement of this milestone one can start the journey of getting rich. The difficult part of getting rich is achievement of financial independence. It is difficult because people who aim […]

Interesting Habits of Rich People

Rating: Rich people are not rich only because they have more money. What they do in their day to day life is what makes them richer. The choices that rich people make in their day to day life are the ones that make them different.  One of most noticeable habit of rich people is their […]

How Rich People Communicate?

Rating: One continues to be poor because of his/her habits. Yes, if we can only improve few habits we can become rich. Communication is one area where rich people score very high compared to poor. Research shows that most poor people lack communication skills. How rich people communicate with people around them? Research proves that […]

Benefits of Financial Needs Analysis: Must Read

Rating: The main benefits of financial needs analysis are (1) personal goal management & (2) achievement of financial independence. Both these needs requires to be managed in unison. If dealt individually they cannot deliver the same results as when combined. A certified financial planner will always deal with both while analyzing financial needs of life. […]

How to Force Our Self to Save Money?

Rating: How to force our self to save money and keep it locked? We all are natural spenders of money. Given a chance we will prefer going on vacation instead of saving for emergency. This is pure human psychology and we shall learn to fight it. It is not easy but it is possible. I […]

How to Generate High Returns from Equity Investment

Rating: How to generate high returns from equity investment? This is one question to which almost all of us want an answer. I will use my experience and try to answer it. One thing is sure, equity investment is about skill and intelligence. To generate high returns from equity investment, one needs to understand equity […]

Paying off Debt vs Investing

Rating: In between paying off debt vs investing which should earn our priority? While people carry debt, this question mostly plagues their decision. It is essential to invest money, but should it be done by compromising debt pre-payment? Financially wise men would like to live in zero debt levels. But they would also prefer to […]

Fair Value Estimate of Stocks

Rating: Fair value estimate of stocks are not often published online. Each value investors has their own methodologies to estimate fair value of stocks. Less-trained investors use short-cut methods to calculates fair value estimates of stocks. Some short cuts are like low P/E ratio, low P/B ratio high dividend yield etc. In this article we […]