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about me getmoney rich blogger I am a normal graduate from a non-financial background. From my childhood days I liked numbers. Though studies were not my strong point, but I used to do OK with numbers. I used to fare well even with little complicated calculations. But numbers were not my first liking.

I realized my liking for 'writing' quite late. Those were perhaps the toughest phase of my life. When I used to get stressed, I became distressed by writing my thoughts. Probably this is where my roots of blogging lies.

Even today Blogging is my real stress buster. I love writing for my blog. Just to give an example. Today I am not well (cough and cold). Its 5:30PM the and I working since last 8 hours. I do not seem to get tired when I am blogging 🙂

During my school days, writing long essays and letters was not difficult for me. I could fill pages without much efforts. English grammar was my weakness but I used to read books. So, even without much of an English grammar I could frame sentences fairly well. Writing for self, liking for books, essay/letter writings in exams were few early signs about my passion. But I was dumb not to realize it then.

Possibly god wanted me to wait for sometime (….everything happens for a purpose…..perfectly fits in here). I developed a second liking for finance when I was already a professional. My passion for investment & personal finance grew when I started living away from my parents. The need for effective money management was felt more strongly when I was on my own. Back then I was reading about ‘how to manage finance’.

One day I got hold of a book which my father gifted me in year 2003. It was stacked below my college books. It was a small book with its cover named 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Though such catchy names do not attract me, but I decided to read that book. This book changed my life. It was an eye opener for me. My liking for personal finance and investment only grew from there. Thanks to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki for writing such an inspirational book.

My liking for ‘writing’ and ‘finance’ converged into one when I wrote my first blog in 2007. In those days I used to design my webpages my self. It was quite a task for a non techie person like me. It did not took me long to know about wordpress. My real blogging started from there. In year 2008 I purchased the domain www.getmoneyrich.com.

Blogging didn’t happened to me as a coincidence. It was a very conscious decision and I am lucky that my blog is becoming popular now. The idea with which I started blogging still stands true. I want to achieve ‘Financial Independence’. These are 'not just any two words' for me. Like people recite Slokas, I do everything in my life to make ‘financial independence’ a reality. It works like a search light for me. It has given a direction and purpose to my life.

about me getmoneyrich blogger

I have a special liking for equity linked investments. I realized early that investment does not mean just ‘buying and selling shares’. The book that I got my hands on was "The Little Book that Beats the Market" by Joel Greenblatt. This book was referred to me by a family member. He is a IIT graduate now settled in US. The book was fantastic and helped me to understand equity. With help of this book I started playing with financial statement of companies on my excel sheet. I also referred other books on investment. I read about security analysis, reading financial statements etc. The concept of value investing is something that I really follow for myself.

During my ongoing study about investment I came across a personality named Warren Buffett. It was the Buffett's philosophy in investments that changed the way I look at equity today. He has inspired me to go in greater depths of financial statements. There was time when I was blank on financial statements. Now I am able to read it comfortably. I am even trying to self-learn and estimate the intrinsic value of businesses. This is my work-in-progress at the moment...

I have also realized that very few credible contents are available on i the nternet about investment. I wanted to share my investment realization with my readers. It was then that a tagline first struck my mind. And this tag explains what investment means to me, “Investment is a necessity, its not an option”. In 2008 I started my blog www.Getmoneyrich.com. Whatever I was reading and implementing on investment, I started to put it in my blog. Within months I realized that blogging has become my passion. Today not a single day can pass without me adding some value to my blog.

For me, reading, investment and blogging fuels each other. The more I was reading the more effectively I was investing. Effective investment motivates me to write a useful blog for my readers. I must admit that the whole cycle of reading, investing and blogging gives me immense satisfaction. This blog has allowed me to blend all my passions into one. All of my blogging and investing skills are self taught. I try to keep my expressions in my blog as real as possible. I keep updating my old contents as and when I realize new things.

I am spending lot of time researching and refining my investing skills. I have a goal of achieving financial independence in next 10 years. I have realized that investment of money is ‘my way’ of achieving financial independence. Now a stage has come into my life where everything I do is for achievement of that ultimate goal. Every single article I write in my blog is my learning that brings me one step closer to my goal.

In case you want to contact me directly please feel free to drop a email on webmaster@getmoneyrich.com or send me a personal message on our facebook account @ facebook.com/getmoneyrich


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