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I know, a lot of readers of my blogs are quite young. When I was that age, I had hundreds of questions on the topic of investment and money management.

At that time I could not find a place where I could put-up my queries. In those days internet was also not as advanced as it is today.

But today the internet has really evolved in terms of the contents & solutions it delivers. The speed of internet has also increased several folds, as a result, these days contents are shared in the from of audios & videos as well.

Today 14-May’2017, a thought came in my mind that why not use getmoneyrich as a Q&A forum. In this forum people can ask questions and it will be open for answering by anyone on internet.

This idea really excited me because there is nothing more exciting for me than solving problems of my readers. For sure, I may not have all the answers. So the questions asked in this forum will be a learning ground for me as well.

But more than that, if I could solve even one problem each day of a needy person, I will consider this forum a success.

I encourage you to pen down your doubts about investments regularly on a separate notebook. Try to find answers of them on internet. If you are not able to get a solution, ask your questions in the comments section below. I will do my best to answer your queries.


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  1. Hello Mani, provide us very informative and productive. I am from IT technical field. I also want to start a blog in IT technical areas so that I can create a good asset. Can you please put some light on topic that how to start a blog and various ways to get income from blog writting. Or can write a blog about this topic. This will be very beneficial for us.

  2. Hello Mani,
    The information provided on is really productive enough for a beginner like me. I am interested to invest into REIT but very less information is available on the which REIT’s should one invest. Could you please list down some good REITs companies in India to invest in them?

    • Hello Rohan, thanks for the compliment. It means a lot for me. Talking about REIT’s, its still not open for retail investors as on today. If I am not wrong, probably by end of year 2017, some listing is possible.

  3. Hi Mani Sir,

    I need your guidance and help in investing in share market and mutual funds which can give good returns as per the investment. Kindly let me know how to start investing as I am new to the field but very eager to invest in financial market.


    • Hello Srinivas, You can open an account in or scripbox. They guide new investors in mutual fund investment. You can also use Fundsindia to buy stocks. But I will recommend you to start with mutual funds for initial 2 years.

  4. hello mani sir, thanks a lot!!!!
    pls guide me 1. whethere we should always take balance sheet figures of standalone or consolidated ?
    2. different site shows different data e.g. p/e ratio, which should we take as reliable?
    3. is sensex p/b ratio different for different companies ?

  5. Abdus Salam Biswas | May 30, 2017 at 1:27 am | Reply

    Sir, Could you please let me know the few company names those are having grade 94+? I have seen your video about the technical worksheet analysis.

  6. Anjan Sharma | May 21, 2017 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    Hi Mani,
    I am a teacher. I want to invest 5 lacs per year in stocks to grow money aggressively with high risk and high gain formula for 3 to 5 years. Can you suggest something? There are many advisors on net like ……assets etc,…….master etc. How to go about?

    • Hello Anjan, If idea is to earn high returns, for sure there will be high risk attached with it. But when we add a factor of “long term holding”, the risk factor becomes manageable.

      If you are not a pro investor, I will suggest you to invest in equity linked mutual funds. There is a website called value Research Online (VRO) which offers their services by rating top mutual funds. I will suggest you to consider picking funds from their website. CRISIL also provides ratings to mutual funds. You can use both CRISIL ratings and VRO ratings to select a great equity linked mutual fund and start investing in them. Following a SIP route will be a better option.

  7. jairam Ramesh | May 14, 2017 at 8:39 pm | Reply

    Hello Mani, I often hear the term beta when dealing with stock. Please explain me, what is beta all about. A common investor should be worried about beta? Thanks.

    • I am sure you are not interested to know the financial definition of beta. So I will try to explain beta with an example. Beta of Tata Steel is 1.32, & Beta of RIL if 0.95, what does it mean?

      Lets assume a hypothetical condition where our BSE Index (Sensex) has given a return of +8% in last financial year. In this case, Tata Steel is most likely to give a return of 10.56% per annum (8% x 1.32). Similarly, Reliance industries is most likely to give a return of 7.6% per annum (8% x 0.95).

      Lets assume another hypothetical condition where our BSE Index (Sensex) has given a return of -12% in last financial year. In this case, Tata Steel is most likely to give a return of -15.84% per annum (-12% x 1.32). Similarly, Reliance industries is most likely to give a return of -11.76% per annum (-12% x 0.95).

      A common investor must be aware of the beta value of their security. When I invest in a mutual fund, I surely look at its beta. If I am investing defensively, I would like to keep beta below 1. If I am investing aggressively I would like to see beta above 1.

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