Best Dividend Paying Stocks in India 2018

Investors desire high return on investment. This is the reason why majority focus on capital appreciation.

Less people prefer to buy stocks for dividend income. Some even find it surprising that there are investors who invest in stocks just for dividends.

It is a fact, capital appreciation is more desirable among masses than dividend yield. Why?

The reason is simple, dividend yields of stocks are low compared to potential price appreciation.

The values that we hear about price appreciation is like 12% per annum. Whereas, dividend yield values of more than 3% is rare.

But it is important to note that, price appreciation is less certain as compared to dividend yield.

Champion investors love dividend paying stocks, why? What makes top dividend paying stocks so likeable?

High growth rate is a priority for majority. But expert investors prefer to have a balanced portfolio. Portfolio focusing only on capital appreciation is not good. Inclusion of dividend paying stocks has a balancing effect on ones investment portfolio.

Passive Income – Dividend

Expert investors also love passive income. There are less better passive income source than dividend paying stocks.

Dividend income is one of the most desirable passive income source. People who believe in it, also loves stocks that pay dividends. Passive income in form of dividend is like an assured income.

Whereas capital appreciation (potential high growth) is not as assured.

For passive income lovers, it is essential to keep a track of the highest dividend paying stocks.

If it is so, it means any company which pay high dividends becomes a good buy?

All dividend paying stocks are not good?

Not all stocks that pays dividends are best.

If the criteria is only assured income, all consistent dividend paying stocks must be a good buy, right?

Dividend focused investors like to have one more check.

Consistent dividend payout by companies are great, but it must also show growth. Dividend which grows year after year makes it even more likeable.

Is it possible for companies to pay growing-dividends to its shareholders?

Yes, but to identify such companies investors must look into their financial reports.

Dividend payment is a process by which companies share its net profit with its shareholders. When companies increase their dividend payouts, it is actually giving a hint that its profits are improving.

Growing dividend payout, year after year, is an indication of a fundamentally strong company.

Assured cash flow and dividend payout

These companies are more confident about its future cash flows. Hence they dare to distribute large amount of PAT as dividends.

P.Note: Dividend yield at point of purchase may be low. But over a period of time, with growing net profits, dividend yield will also improve.

Good dividend stocks offer 2 clear benefits to its investors.

 – First, they generate short term income. This income is both consistent and also grows.

 – Secondly, they also provide capital appreciation when held for long term. High inflation rate in India, makes other risk-free investments less lucrative.

As dividends are tax free, it clearly enjoys advantage over other risk-free options.

The fact that dividend stocks can also provide capital appreciation makes them so special.

#1. Benefits

Till now we have read in general, why experts like dividend paying stocks. Lets discuss few more facts about dividend paying stocks that will further substantiate its credibility as a good investment option.

#1.1 Price of Dividend Paying Stocks are Stable

Dividend paying stocks are very stable. Historically, price of dividend paying stocks waver less than other stocks. They have lower beta.

We may not feel this benefit when market is fair. But when stock market crashes, dividend stocks stands tall.

When everywhere there is a panicky, dividend stocks provides stability. People continue to hold on to dividend stocks even during market crash. The reason is simple, they continue to earn dividend even during market crash.

Moreover, dividend stocks are those stocks, which recovers faster after crash. So, instead of selling, people buy dividend stocks during market crash.

This gives dividend paying stocks its price stability.

#1.2. Dividends are like fixed income

If equity can generate regular income, there cannot be a better investment.

Equity is more famous for its long term capital appreciation. But they are risky.

To reduce the risk level, people are asked to hold on to equity for long term. Hence, long term capital appreciation yields nil short term income.

Moreover, as price of equity is volatile in short term, only those investors invest in equity who have high risk profile.

But dividend paying stocks comes for the rescue of the defensive investors. Dividend stocks are like hybrid of equity and debt based investment options.

Hence, even defensive investors love including dividend stocks in their portfolio.

This is one reason why, once investors get hold of a good dividend paying stock, they never sell it.

#1.3. Investors can plan and earn high dividends

It is possible to plan purchases of good dividend paying stocks. How to plan?

Keeping a record of past dividend payouts by companies helps in planning.

Investors can tract the dividend payout. Compared to the net profit generated by the company, what portion of PAT is paid out by company to its shareholders can be comprehended.

Though it will be only a guess work, but generally companies duplicate their past behaviours.

A company which has a habit of paying 30% of their net profit in dividends will continue to do the same in times to come.

So this is first part of the planning process. Keep a note of how much percentage of net profits companies pay in form of dividends.

The second part of planning is to keep a track of market price of its stock. Suppose at a market price of Rs.100, a stock is yielding dividend of 2%. If the price falls to Rs.80, the same stock will show dividend yield of 2.5%.

When price of stocks fall, its dividend yield becomes more attractive.

During stock market crash, price of stocks fall by huge margins. During this time, investors can plan to accumulate good dividend paying stocks.

#1.4. High dividend payout means company is cash rich

Value investors considers high dividend yield as a strong value indicator.

If a quality stock is yielding high dividend, it is considered as undervalued.

We know that, Improving sales and profit figures are one of the strongest fundamental indicators of quality stocks. High profitability and low debt dependency is just like an icing on cake.

How much dividend a company pays to its shareholders gives a great hint about how the company is managing its sales, profits, and debt.

Companies which shares its profits consistently (dividends) are confident companies. This confidence comes with predictability of future earnings.

A good company, will never compromise its short term liquidity to please shareholders. Maintaining liquidity to pay its current liabilities is a top priority for any company.

So if a company is paying dividends it means that liquidity is in full control. A company which is paying regular dividends must have sufficient liquidity to take care of its current liability.

How to accumulate dividends?

In India there are only few avenues to accumulate dividend. One of the well-known way is to buy stock that pays dividends.

Another way is to buy dividend paying mutual funds. In Europe and America dividend paying exchange traded funds (ETF’s) are also available. At the moment India do not have such ETF’s.

People can buy stocks using online trading account.

These days mutual funds can also be purchased using online trading platforms. If one does not have it, then the easiest option is to call your bank.

They will send investment agents who can arrange to buy dividend focused mutual funds for you.

#2. Control Points

If dividend paying stock are so good, why everyone do not only buy them? This is because not many know how to identify good dividend paying stocks.

Ok, enough of only good things about dividend paying stocks. Here are some control points related to dividend focused investing.

Being aware of these control points is essential to keep dividend based investing profitable.

#2.1. High Dividend Yield is enough….?

Some might think that high dividend yielding stocks are good. But “yield” is not a sufficient indicator to identify good dividend paying stocks.

Stocks paying high dividend one year, and nothing the following year, is also not good.

Consistent dividend payment is what is more interesting.

People just focus on high dividend yield, but this is insufficient.

It may happen that a stock is yielding 8% dividend. But the following year the yield falls to as low as 0.5%. This is what happens for majority companies.

For majority stocks dividend yield is not more than 2%.

Investors target is to buy dividend stocks which has consistently paid dividends and their yield is also high.

It is also essential to be critical on future growth prospects of dividend income from ones stock holdings.

#2.2. Beware of Fluctuating dividends and weak fundamentals

Fluctuating dividend and weak fundamentals are main hurdles in identifying good dividend stocks.

Couple of years back Strides Arcolab was yielding dividend close to 33% per annum. But today in 2017, its yield is close to 0.55%.

It means, such high yields are not sustainable.

Lets look into profit and loss account of Strides Arcolab.

Dividend Paying Stocks _ StridesS hasun2

In year ending Mar’14, the company reported a net profit of Rs.3512 Crore. Out of this net profit, it issued Rs.3008 crore in dividends. It means, 85.6% (dividend payout %) of profit was paid as dividends. This is unrealistic.

In year ending Mar’15, the company reported a net profit of just Rs.532 Crore. Out of this net profit, it issued Rs.643 crore in dividends. It means, 120.8% (dividend payout %) of profit was paid as dividends. This kind of dividend payout is unsustainable.

As result what happened after Mar’15? Dividend payout fell to normal levels, 26.35 in Mar’16 and 32.9% in Mar’17.

Moreover, you will also note that how wavering the net profits of the company has been in last 5 years.

In last 5 years the profit of company has risen from Rs.55 crore to Rs.3512 crore, and then falling back to Rs.108 crore.

This is a problem as earnings are too volatility. Hence, to keep its investors interested, such companies pay high dividends. It is just like an eyewash.

One must be extremely careful of such performances.

Suggestion – Try to reinvest Dividends

Reinvesting earned dividends will further increase the yield.

People must invest systematically to accumulate dividend stocks. Then the earned dividends from such stocks must be reinvested.

It is important to reinvest the dividends that flows-in. This extra money buys more dividend stocks.

This cycle continues.

More stocks means more dividends. More dividends means, more stocks purchase. It becomes a a great wealth generating cycle.

It is said that Warren Buffett earns billion dollars alone in dividends.

Set a personal target for yourselves. In next five years, le your dividend income reach Rs 5,000/month mark.

Lets start accumulating quality, dividend paying Indian stocks.

Best / High dividend paying stocks in India 2018

(Updated as on March’2018)

Lump Sum Dividend Paid (Rs.Crore)

SL Company Mar'17 Mar'16 Mar'15 Mar'14 Mar'13 Average Dividend Paid in Last 5Y
1 Coal India Limited (CIL) 12,352.76 17,306.84 13,074.88 18,317.46 8,842.91 13,978.97
2 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 9,162.00 8,571.38 15,473.87 6,267.33 4,305.88 8,756.09
3 ONGC 9,517.99 7,272.18 8,127.72 8,127.72 8,127.72 8,234.67
4 Hindustan Zinc 12,422.00 11,746.39 1,859.14 1,478.86 1,309.85 5,763.25
5 ITC Ltd. 6,840.12 6,840.12 5,009.70 4,771.91 4,148.46 5,522.06
6 Infosys 5,915.00 5,570.00 5,111.00 3,618.00 2,412.00 4,525.20
7 IOCL 10,545.42 3,399.13 1,602.45 2,112.32 1,505.33 3,832.93
8 HUL 3,571.00 3,462.25 3,245.32 2,811.43 3,999.99 3,418.00
9 NTPC Ltd. 2,152.07 2,762.24 2,061.38 4,741.15 4,741.16 3,291.60
10 NMDC 1,313.02 4,361.19 3,389.83 3,370.01 2,775.30 3,041.87
11 SBI 2,108.56 2,018.32 2,557.28 2,239.71 2,838.74 2,352.52
12 Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) 0.00 3,095.00 2,944.00 2,793.00 2,628.00 2,292.00
13 ICICI Bank 0.00 2,907.52 2,898.81 2,656.28 2,307.23 2,153.97
14 Vedanta 7,324.50 1,037.75 1,215.60 963.58 8.69 2,110.02
15 HCL Tech 4,068.73 2,251.74 2,385.59 700.27 835.36 2,048.34
16 HDFC 479.23 2,685.73 2,362.05 2,184.75 1,932.93 1,928.94
17 Wipro 729.10 1,482.30 2,963.60 1,973.60 1,724.70 1,774.66
18 HDFC Bank 0.00 2,401.78 2,005.20 1,643.35 1,309.08 1,471.88
19 Hero Motocorp 1,737.34 1,437.75 1,198.12 1,299.13 1,198.13 1,374.09
20 BPCL 2,241.56 1,626.94 1,229.24 795.39 397.70 1,258.17
21 Bajaj Auto 144.68 1,591.52 1,446.84 1,446.84 1,302.15 1,186.41
22 REC 1,382.44 1,688.55 1,056.58 938.09 814.65 1,176.06
23 HPCL 2,935.89 1,168.26 829.64 524.87 287.83 1,149.30
24 L&T 0.00 1,699.95 1,510.54 1,320.85 1,138.47 1,133.96
25 GAIL 1,458.78 697.66 761.08 1,319.21 1,217.74 1,090.89
26 Power Grid 523.15 1,208.50 1,046.32 1,349.76 1,273.18 1,080.18
27 Axis Bank 1,197.52 1,191.42 1,087.54 939.69 843.86 1,052.01
28 Tata Steel 1,043.07 776.97 776.97 971.21 776.97 869.04
29 M&M 720.92 745.31 745.31 862.25 798.17 774.39
30 Maruti Suzuki 1,057.30 1,057.30 755.20 362.50 241.70 694.80

Dividend Per Share History/Growth (Rs.)

SL Company Mar'17 Mar'16 Mar'15 Mar'14 Mar'13 Dividend / Share Growth in last 5Y %
1 Coal India Limited (CIL) 19.90 27.40 20.70 29.00 14.00 7.29%
2 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 46.50 43.50 79.00 32.00 22.00 16.15%
3 ONGC 7.42 8.50 9.50 9.50 9.50 -4.83%
4 Hindustan Zinc 29.40 27.80 4.40 3.50 3.10 56.82%
5 ITC Ltd. 5.63 8.50 6.25 6.00 5.25 1.41%
6 Infosys 25.75 24.25 44.50 63.32 42.00 -9.32%
7 IOCL 22.25 14.00 6.60 8.70 6.20 29.12%
8 HUL 16.50 16.00 15.00 13.00 18.50 -2.26%
9 NTPC Ltd. 2.61 3.35 2.50 5.75 5.75 -14.61%
10 NMDC 4.15 11.00 8.55 8.50 7.00 -9.93%
11 SBI 2.70 2.63 3.51 32.24 42.28 -42.31%
12 Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) 0.00 9.55 9.10 8.64 8.14 -100.00%
13 ICICI Bank 0.00 5.00 5.00 23.00 20.00 -100.00%
14 Vedanta 24.70 3.50 4.10 3.25 0.10 201.00%
15 HCL Tech 28.52 15.97 16.97 10.00 11.99 18.93%
16 HDFC 3.02 17.00 15.00 14.00 12.50 -24.75%
17 Wipro 3.00 6.00 12.00 8.00 7.00 -15.60%
18 HDFC Bank 0.00 9.50 8.00 6.85 5.50 -100.00%
19 Hero Motocorp 87.00 72.00 60.00 65.06 60.00 7.71%
20 BPCL 31.00 22.50 17.00 11.00 11.00 23.02%
21 Bajaj Auto 5.00 55.00 50.00 50.00 45.00 -35.56%
22 REC 7.00 17.10 10.70 9.50 8.25 -3.23%
23 HPCL 28.90 34.50 24.50 15.50 8.50 27.73%
24 L&T 0.00 18.25 16.25 14.25 18.50 -100.00%
25 GAIL 8.63 5.50 6.00 10.40 9.60 -2.12%
26 Power Grid 1.00 2.31 2.00 2.58 2.75 -18.32%
27 Axis Bank 5.00 5.00 4.60 20.00 18.00 -22.60%
28 Tata Steel 10.74 8.00 8.00 10.00 8.00 6.07%
29 M&M 11.61 12.00 12.00 14.00 13.00 -2.24%
30 Maruti Suzuki 35.00 35.00 25.00 12.00 8.00 34.33%

Dividend Yield & Payout

SL Company Net Profit (Last Year) Rs.Cr. Dividend Paid (last 5Y Avg.) Dividend Payout (%) Current Market Price (Rs.) Divided Per Share (Last 5Y Avg.) Dividend Yield (Last 5Y Avg.) %
1 Coal India Limited (CIL) 14,500.53 13,978.97 96.40% 313.50 22.20 7.08%
2 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 23,653.00 8,756.09 37.02% 3,033.00 44.60 1.47%
3 ONGC 17,899.98 8,234.67 46.00% 189.60 8.88 4.69%
5 Hindustan Zinc 8,316.00 5,763.25 69.30% 315.50 6.33 2.01%
6 ITC Ltd. 10,200.90 5,522.06 54.13% 263.65 39.97 15.16%
7 Infosys 13,818.00 4,525.20 32.75% 1,160.25 11.55 1.00%
8 IOCL 19,106.40 3,832.93 20.06% 382.00 15.80 4.14%
9 HUL 4,490.00 3,418.00 76.12% 1,325.00 3.99 0.30%
10 NTPC Ltd. 9,385.26 3,291.60 35.07% 163.05 7.84 4.81%
11 NMDC 2,589.14 3,041.87 117.49% 130.70 16.67 12.76%
13 SBI 10,484.00 2,352.52 22.44% 262.20 10.60 4.04%
15 Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) 31,425.00 2,292.00 7.29% 948.05 16.69 1.76%
14 ICICI Bank 9,801.00 2,153.97 21.98% 304.40 7.13 2.34%
12 Vedanta 11,068.70 2,110.02 19.06% 322.50 7.09 2.20%
4 HCL Tech 6,872.69 2,048.34 29.80% 942.30 13.64 1.45%
17 HDFC 7,442.64 1,928.94 25.92% 1,812.65 7.20 0.40%
18 Wipro 8,161.70 1,774.66 21.74% 292.00 5.97 2.04%
20 HDFC Bank 14,549.64 1,471.88 10.12% 1,868.05 18.50 0.99%
19 Hero Motocorp 3,377.12 1,374.09 40.69% 3,580.00 68.81 1.92%
16 BPCL 8,039.30 1,258.17 15.65% 442.80 12.30 2.78%
21 Bajaj Auto 3,827.56 1,186.41 31.00% 3,018.00 41.00 1.36%
26 REC 6,245.76 1,176.06 18.83% 142.00 2.13 1.50%
22 HPCL 6,208.80 1,149.30 18.51% 376.50 10.51 2.79%
25 L&T 5,453.74 1,133.96 20.79% 1,315.00 8.03 0.61%
23 GAIL 3,502.91 1,090.89 31.14% 453.95 22.38 4.93%
27 Power Grid 7,520.15 1,080.18 14.36% 197.10 10.52 5.34%
24 Axis Bank 3,679.28 1,052.01 28.59% 526.65 13.45 2.55%
29 Tata Steel 3,444.55 774.39 22.48% 673.50 12.52 1.86%
28 M&M 3,955.65 869.04 21.97% 731.00 12.52 1.71%
30 Maruti Suzuki 7,337.70 694.80 9.47% 8,875.20 23.00 0.26%
Disclaimer: All blog posts of are for information only. No blog posts should be considered as an investment advice or as a recommendation. The user must self-analyze all securities before investing in one.

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