Fastest Growing Companies in India in 2017

People loves to buy stocks of fastest growing companies. Early inclusion of such stocks in investment portfolio ensure maximum returns. Stock investors considers EPS growth rate as the most reliable indicator. Companies whose EPS is growing fast are perfect for investing.

Earning per share (EPS) is one financial parameter that has direct influence on market price of its stocks. If EPS is growing, stock price will also rise at same rate. If EPS is diminishing, stock price will also fall at same rate.

What is EPS? Why it is the most tracked financial parameter of a company? EPS is not only easy to understand but it is also the most important stock data (if not tampered). No other financial parameter influences stock price more directly than EPS.

Every change in EPS is instantly reflected in market price of stocks. Hence as an investor, it is always advisable to keep an eye of historical EPS movements of a company. Standalone EPS may not be as interesting, but historical EPS makes a lot of meaning.

Earning per share (EPS) breaks down net profit of a company (PAT) into per share value. Suppose a company has PAT of Rs 5.0 Crore & its number of share outstanding is 1.0 crore nos. In this case its EPS will be Rs 5/share (Rs 5 crore/1crore).

EPS more important than PAT for investors. One must look deeply into EPS history before investing.

PAT’s historical figures gives only a feel about the company. Read feedback of companies bottom line comes from EPS history. The Impact of EPS growth on market price is more direct than PAT.

P/E ratio dictates stocks market price?

A reliable stock always maintains its P/E ratio. Ratio between market price and EPS is P/E ratio (PE = Price/EPS).

A reasonable P/E ratio for any stock is 15.

Keeping P/E as constant, formula for market price will be:

Market Price1 = 15 x EPS1.

Same formula with EPS growth rate (R) will like this:

Market Price2 = 15 x EPS1 (1+R).

So this way, if EPS is growing its market price will also appreciate.

For investors EPS history is everything?

After EPS, sales growth is another parameter that investors track the most. EPS is a product of companies profits (PAT). It is difficult for company to improve EPS if its sales turnover is not improving.

A typical formula for companies profit is: Sales x Profitability = Profit.

Considering a case where companies profitability remains constant at 10%. Lets incorporate this assumption in our formula and see how it evolves. Sales x 10% = Profit.

To improve companies Profit (PAT or EPS), companies sales must grow.

In business, fastest growing company are often graded in terms of its sales turnovers. Sales growth strategy is one of the most reliable and proven business strategy.

Companies which are able to increase its sales turnover year after year are likable. This liking becomes more dominant when sales turnover growth becomes fast.

Almost all good companies increase their sales every year. But companies with competitive moat do it faster than others. For these companies, increase in sales turnover represents market domination.

Not everyone can dominate the market. Only companies with exception product and astute management can achieve this feat.

Investors must keep a watch on sales growth figures of companies.

Additional check for fast growing companies

A portion of companies profit (PAT or EPS) is distributed a.s dividends to shareholders. The balance profit which remains with the company is called Reserves.

Companies reserves are declared in companies balance sheets. Investors like a continuously increasing Reserves. Growing reserves makes companies more self reliant.

A company which has huge reserves (like Hindustan Zinc) do not depend on debt to finance its working capital. Debt is a tool which temporarily improves companies cash flow. But in long run it increases companies expense and hence decreases companies profits. Sales – (Expense+ Interest on debt) = Profit.

Fastest Growing Companies in India 2017

(Updated on July’2017)

Top stocks with good growth rates

SL Company name  Market cap PAT Growth (5Years) Revenue Growth (5 Years) EPS Growth (5 Years)
1 Avenue Supermarts Ltd   568.67B 51.29 40.05 54.35
2 Piramal Enterprises Ltd   509.24B 62.21 31.7 61.5
3 Interglobe Aviation Ltd   457.14B 63.83 27.27 63.7
4 Motherson Sumi Systems Limited   683.89B 43.14 23.96 42.2
5 AU Small Finance Bank Ltd   167.24B 86.56 43.87 86.56
6 RBL Bank Ltd   205.56B 47 51.51 46.36
7 Bajaj Finance Ltd   851.49B 35.21 35.77 25.72
8 Essar Oil Ltd   382.40B 120.24 17.91 112.32
9 Vakrangee Ltd   232.09B 49.59 24.21 48.29
10 Natco Pharma Ltd.   174.44B 52.15 31.57 46.69
11 Quess Corp Ltd   118.67B 78.73 45.52 79.09
12 Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.   146.95B 55.73 31.25 44.89
13 Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd   791.21B 28.48 25.63 27.63
14 Maruti Suzuki India Ltd   2.28T 34.9 16.46 33.7
15 Edelweiss Capital Limited   167.67B 36.23 31.72 32.99
16 Ajanta Pharma Ltd   128.94B 45.67 24.2 45.67
17 Indusind Bank Ltd   944.80B 29.01 21.87 23.05
18 IIFL Holdings Ltd   187.07B 39.13 21.19 39.65
19 Avanti Feeds Ltd   74.67B 50.19 47.35 50.19
20 Yes Bank Limited   718.06B 27.87 21.1 23.2
21 Rajesh Exports Ltd.   200.81B 24.75 56.67 24.75
22 HDFC Bank Limited   4.33T 23.79 21.05 21.38
23 Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited   520.86B 30.41 16.17 30.65
24 Can Fin Homes Ltd   84.79B 39.99 36.42 35.12
25 Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited   155.03B 28.22 29.98 28.16

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