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How to Get Money from Rich People

How to Get Money from Rich People

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To get money from rich people pocket is difficult. The reason being, rich are not suppose to give their money to strangers. Why should they? I personally have a target of becoming financially independent. If today I want to attain financial independence I must have at least Rs 25 million (Rs. 2.5 crore / $0.00041 Billion ) in fixed deposit. I am trying to attain financial independence the hard way. There is a rule in this world which says ‘innovation pays best dividends’. So, trough this article I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and trying to think differently. I am trying to find innovative ways of achieving financial independence. A good option that came to my mind was why not ask a multimillionaire for Rs 25 million? If they are multimillionaire, for them payment of this amount to me will be peanuts. But it sounds too easy. If becoming financially independent was so easy so why not everyone tries to get money from rich people? Our culture has asked us to work hard to become rich. Robert Kiyosaki has proved that by being financially intelligent even a pauper can become rich. So the theory of working hard for money making is not the only way. If financial intelligence can make money for us, why not innovation help us to get money from rich people?

Sequential Steps Using Which We can Get Money from Rich People.

Step 1 – First Identify Who are Really Rich People

I did this by finding a list of World’s Billionaires. Then I compared their net worth with the amount of money I am going to ask them. I just wanted to understand that the amount I am going to ask them shall be peanuts for them. I observed that an Indian also appeared in the list of top 25 billionaires of the world. He is Mukesh Ambani ranked as high as 22nd richest man in the world. My requirement was only 0.00191% compared to his net worth (50,000th of net worth). Warren Buffett (Rank 4) and Bill Gates (Rank 2) was known for their philanthropy. But I was not sure if I will be able to get money from these rich people. For sure my need for money cannot be rated in same category as that of poor, medically suffering, orphans etc. I will not try to compare my requirement with these class of people. I consider myself as a marketer of financial independence. If I happen to get money from rich people and attain financial independence, I will devote my life to market necessity of financial independence in every ones life. I have already set a blog for this purpose. I am continuously writing contents about investment in my blog. My way of achieving financial is through investment of money. But in this article I am trying to think out of the box. Instead of investment, I will try to get money from rich people for attaining financial independence.

List of Billionaires
(Updated as on November’2013)

SL Name of Billionaires Net Worth in USD National My Requirement My Requirement as % of Billionarires Net Worth
1 Carlos Slim Helu & family $73 Billion Mexico $0.00041 Billion 0.00056%
2 Bill Gates $67  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00061%
3 Amancio Ortega $57  Billion Spain $0.00041 Billion 0.00072%
4 Warren Buffett $53.5  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00077%
5 Larry Ellison $43  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00095%
6 Charles Koch $34  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00121%
7 David Koch $34  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00121%
8 Li Ka-shing $31  Billion Hong Kong $0.00041 Billion 0.00132%
9 Liliane Bettencourt & family $30  Billion France $0.00041 Billion 0.00137%
10 Bernard Arnault & family $29  Billion France $0.00041 Billion 0.00141%
11 Christy Walton & family $28.2  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00145%
12 Stefan Persson $28  Billion Sweden $0.00041 Billion 0.00146%
13 Michael Bloomberg $27  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00152%
14 Jim Walton $26.7  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00154%
15 Sheldon Adelson $26.5  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00155%
16 Alice Walton $26.3  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00156%
17 S. Robson Walton $26.1  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00157%
18 Karl Albrecht $26  Billion Germany $0.00041 Billion 0.00158%
19 Jeff Bezos $25.2  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00163%
20 Larry Page $23  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00178%
21 Sergey Brin $22.8  Billion United States $0.00041 Billion 0.00180%
22 Mukesh Ambani $21.5  Billion India $0.00041 Billion 0.00191%
23 Michele Ferrero & family $20.4  Billion Italy $0.00041 Billion 0.00201%
24 Lee Shau Kee $20.3  Billion Hong Kong $0.00041 Billion 0.00202%
24 David Thomson & family $20.3  Billion Canada $0.00041 Billion 0.00202%
25 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud $20  Billion Saudi Arabia $0.00041 Billion 0.00205%

Step 2 – Secondly, try to Find Residential Address of Rich People

I have decided to seek help from Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Instead of writing them in their office I would like to keep my request personal. I will like to write to them to their personal residing address. If I can get their email address that would be ideal. But rich people do keep their personal email address very secretive. I personally prefer writing a letter instead of a email. A letter will gives more personal touch to my request. If objective is to make a mark to these really rich people, writing a letter and then taking personal appointment is best.

Talking about Mukesh Ambani, he lives in a house names Antilia. Wikipedia has provided even the latitude and longitude coordinates of Antilia (18.968333,72.809722). Search these co-ordinates in Google Maps and you will find the exact mailing address of Antilia. Exact mailing address of residence of Mukeh Ambani is Antilia, Altamount Road, Tardeo, South Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Pin-400026.

Similarly residential address of Bill Gates is 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039, USA.

Residential address of Warren Buffett is in Dundee-Happy Hollow Historic District, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Step 3 – Thirdly Prepare a Letter Explaining Reason Why You want that Money

At a time I prefer not to draft more than one letter. For me keeping my letter honest and genuine is essential. This step is most important. This will be the first interface with the rich man. It is most essential step to establish a trust and belief in the rich man. I personally feel that my need for money should be explicitly written in the letter. The letter should be brief and to the point. The letter should be one and half page long. A letter too long or too short may not leave a mark on the rich man. In order to get money from rich people, this step is most crucial. More genuinely the requirement is expressed in the letter the higher will be the chance to get money from rich people.

It is important to proof-read the letter again and again. A tailor made letter for every rich person is crucial. Mukesh Ambani is different than Bill Gates and so is Warren Buffett. Better is to read a biography about these people. It will gives more insights into the person we are writing to. After finishing writing the letter (& proof reading) give it to family/friends for checking. Taking their feedbacks and if found reasonable making corrections will help. I will suggest that one shall not write this letter in any haste.

While final drafting and checking one shall not mind printing the letter several times. Seeing for oneself how the flow of thoughts are organized within those 2 pages is critical. I will not mind taking multiple print-outs for the sake of improvising it. I will just keep one principle intact, I have to be honest, to the point and polite.
How to Get Money from Rich People

Step 4 – Fourthly, Do not forget to include one separate page about yourself

The way it is important to write the letter in step 3, it is equally important for me to write few lines about myself. I will suggest adding one self-photograph will be a good idea. Adding mailing address is important in case the rich person wants to send a cheque. While writing about self, write about where you were born. Who are your parents. Where you did your primary and higher education etc. Idea of writing about self is to generate a image of the writer in mind of the rich person. Creating an image of self is important if one wants to get money from rich people. This further boost the possibility of creating a genuine impression in mind of the rich person. Knowing personal background of the writer and how his need (for money) is triggered by his real-life experience will prove very useful.

Step 5 – Now send the letter and Wait for response

This is the most difficult step as response from the rich person in not in writers hand. The only thing that will give confidence here is the honest of requirement and way it is expressed in the letter. The expression will be more effective if ones research on rich person is very detailed. I will suggest one shall not ignore the research work. Waiting for response is not easy. But if one feels a sense of achievement after the letter is posted, will work well. If I am 100% satisfied with the genuineness of my request, it will certainly create a impression on the rich person.

I will like to give the rich person at least 45 days to respond. During these days, I will spend time researching about other rich person. If no response comes for 45 days, I can begin drafting another letter.

Step 6 – Do not Forget to Write and Letter of Thanks

If you happen to get money from rich people, do not hesitate to write a letter of thanks. Include a line of assurance how well their money is getting used for the purpose. Important is to make them feel that they took a right decision is giving their money to you.

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