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GetMoneyRich would like to publish guest posts of experts who can write unique and valuable articles on topics of personal finance and investment. We feel, our readers will greatly benefit if writers from across the globe can contribute here.

We are providing here a form which the writers can use to submit their guest posts to us. Initially the submissions will be submitted as draft. Our team will proof read every content. Though we will try to publish a good content immediately but we have to proof read all submissions as a rule. This may take some time for a good content to get live.

It took me 7 years to build GetMoneyRich right from scratch. Its only reasonable for me to expect from my writers to maintain and improve the quality of this blog. Quality of the content is king in GetMoneyRich. I invite you to become a regular contributor at GetMoneyRich.

Tips on how to write a good post for us

free guest blogs - instructions

* Guest posts can be published for free.
* Guest posts must be minimum 600 words in English language.
* Topic should be related to the following:

– Investment.
– Personal Finance.
– How to generate passive income.
– Money Management.

* Content must be unique, means it must pass copyscape[.]com
* Content must be without grammatical and spelling mistakes.
* The content should be well researched and in-depth.
* Use real life examples and true anecdotes to emphasize the subject.
* Screen shorts and infographic’s will be a big thumbs up.
* Number of relevant linkbacks should not be more than one [1]. Link back will be do-follow.
* The articles will be published only as “guest posts” without any reference to the writer.
* No signatures or authors-bio are allowed at the moment.
* Guest must also include the following: (a) Meta keyword (1 number only) & (b) Meta description (160 characters)

If case your article needs refinement, proof reader will try to do it by themselves. But if the corrections are many we may have to reject the article. Once the article is published on getmoneyrich[.]com it will be our copyright.

We always consider our guest bloggers as OUR TEAM but at times webmasters intervention is necessary. In case of any disputes, the decision of the webmaster will be final.

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