Online EPF withdrawal process 2017

How difficult it was for people to understand the EPF withdrawal process? In good old days, EPF withdrawal process was known only to the employer. Hence it was not uncommon to find employees being harassed by employers for EPF withdrawals.

There has been several complaints in this regard. As a result, to improve the EPF portability and EPF withdrawals, in favour of the employees, EPFO & Finance Ministry decided to implement the concept of UAN (Unique Account Number).

Under this scheme, every EPF account will be linked with a UAN. It will help in portability of EPF account in case the person is switching jobs.

Individual will have the same UAN active throughout his carrier. Even if the person is switching companies or is changing states, the same UAN number will encompass all new PF accounts.

How does a common UAN benefit EPF withdrawal process for employees?

The best benefit of having an unique UAN is that, one can by self, transfer EPF fund from one account to other. This is applicable for those needy people who changed jobs but have not ported their last companies PF balance.

Earlier the procedure of EPF transfer was not online. Hence people were only dependent of employers to get the EPF fund transferred. But now Indian government has give the charge in hands of employees themselves. It is also logical, after all EPF saving is employees hard earned money.

In case the person has left the Job permanently (premature retirement), in this case as well, the person can withdraw the EPF balance to ones bank account.

In this blog post, we will know about the online EPF withdrawal process applicable in year 2017.

What to do if you do not know your UAN?

EPFO has allots a unique UAN for everyone who carries a valid PF number. The details of the linked UAN has been posted to the respective employers by EPFO. So, to know your EPFO, one can approach the company HR and ask for one UAN.

In case the company is delaying the disclosure of UAN, do not work. Get your PF number from your salary slip. Use this link to self-check the status of your UAN. You will need only PF account number to know your UAN.


What is the online EPF withdrawal process 2017?

If one has taken retirement (even if it is premature) one can withdraw their EPF fund by filing and submitting Form-19 (UAN) to ones regional EPFO office.

In case one want to partially withdraw ones EPF fund, this is also possible. In this case one has to fill Form-31 (UAN). It is essential to indicate the right reason for partial EPF withdrawal. The reason for partial withdrawal is already listed in the Form-31.

One has to select the reason only from the provided in this list. If correct reason is not provided, the partial withdrawal request will stand rejected.

Key points regarding online EPF withdrawal process

#1. Fill form 19 (PF Final Settlement Form)

#2. While filling-up the form 19, make sure to link the following documents your UAN if not already done.
– First link your PAN with UAN
– Then link your bank account with UAN
– You can also link aadhar with UAN for seeding

#3. In order to link the above documents with UAN, visit this link:
Universal Account Number (UAN)  – MEMBER e-SEWA

Follow the below procedure:
– Login to your UAN account
– Go to followign tabs: Manage > KYC
– Select the relevant checkbox and enter the details
– Click Save

After you click save, the linked documents will be shown as “Pending KYC”. It will take few days to get the approval.

Once approved the linked documents will shown in Äpproved KYC” at the bottom of the page.

#4. Make sure to enclose cancelled cheque with the filled up form 19.
#5. Full withdrawal can be made only 2 months from the date of leaving of job.
#6. After Filling the form, send the filled up form to the Regional EPFO office. To find your local EPFO office, check this link:

How to check ones PF Balance?

Once can download the EPF mobile APP and check the PF balance

EPF Withdrawal Process

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  1. Online PF withdrawal process is definitely one of the good initiative taken by central government of India, now claims will be settled with in 3 days.

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