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Stock Analysis Worksheet

Rs.570 /Download

This is a simple Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. This worksheet has been designed to learn how to analyze stocks

Stock Comparison Tool Worksheet

Rs.255 /Download

This Excel worksheet can compare seven stocks at once. Compare shares from a list of top 2,700+ stocks

Loan Prepayment Calculator

Rs.250 /Download

It is advisable to use this prepayment calculator. This calculators has potential to save lakhs of Rupee for its user

Accumulate Millions – SIP Calculator

Rs.60 /Download

This SIP calculator will help its user to estimate what’s required (with visual charts) to accumulate Millions of Rupees

Stocks Checklist Worksheet

Rs.55 /Download

Use these check-points to quickly self analyze stocks. It covers a range of 11 essential check-points to evaluate stocks

Networth Tracking Worksheet

Rs.65 /Download

Use this worksheet to track networth. This worksheet will provides excellent networth visualization.

Retirement Calculator Worksheet

Rs.70 /Download

Use this worksheet to calculate retirement corpus. Money needed before retirement?? Use this worksheet.