Use excel sheet to analyze stocks

Stock Analysis Worksheet (1.1.9)

  • Simple tool any one can use to self-analyze stocks
  • Its a MS Excel worksheet that can be used on a Windows computer
  • Highlights if stock's fundamentals are good for purchasing
  • It gives basic idea about any stock before its purchase
  • Compares current price with past trends
  • Compares current price with intrinsic value
  • Compares P/E ratio with market average P/E
  • More than 400+ satisfied users
  • Compares P/B ratio with market average P/B
  • Compares expected growth rate with risk free rate
  • The worksheet can be used only for non-banking stocks
  • It helps users to self-grade stocks
  • Stocks earning higher grades are favorable
  • Long term trends of sales, profit, net worth etc is shown

– What is the purpose of stock analysis worksheet?

  • The Purpose of this worksheet is to helps its user to SELF-EVALUATE any stock/shares.
  • Generally people buy stocks without knowing well about it, and this is a mistake. Investing in a company without having the bare minimum awareness about it is NOT ADVISABLE.
  • In term of stock investment, an investor must SELF VERIFY two minimum information about the company before buying its stocks. The purpose of this worksheet is to evaluate stocks based on these two information's.
  • Please note that this is NOT a stock suggestion worksheet. It DOES NOT give you any investment advice. It is a TOOL which will allow you to LEARN TO SELF-EVALUATE stock/shares.
  • The purpose & utility of this worksheet is much larger. It helps you bring forward that investors knack hidden inside you.
  • All long term investors want to learn the skill of fundamental analysis of stocks. But the problem with fundamental analysis is that its scope is very wide. People get lost in the study itself, forget about its use and implementation.
  • This worksheet will help its user to practice fundamental investing without getting lost into it.
  • To know more about the concept of development of this worksheet read here....stock analysis worksheet...

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