Stock Analysis Worksheet (1.1.9)

Why to buy?

  • This worksheet answers following important questions:
  • Present stock price is good for purchase?
  • Business fundamentals of stock is strong or weak?
  • Is the underlying business of this stock profitable?
  • Price trend of this stock in last 10 years is good?
  • Overall, this stock is a good buy or a bad buy?

Who can buy?

  • Person with basic knowledge about stocks
  • People who want to learn stock analysis
  • People who want evaluate business fundamentals
  • People who want check is current price is good for investing
  • People who want to know stocks intrinsic value
  • People who want to invest in stocks but do not know where to start


  • Its a simple Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Its not a software
  • It can be used on Windows & Macbook with MS Office.
  • People can use this worksheet only to "learn" stock analysis
  • It is not a investment advice tool.
  • The worksheet can be used only for non-banking stocks
  • Beginners will take some time before fully utilizing this worksheet

Quick Tips

  • Watch the video before use (stock analysis worksheet guide)
  • You can also read the help-sheet provided with the worksheet
  • All data required by this worksheet is available in moneycontrol
  • Watch the video to know how to grade stocks
  • Stocks which earns grade above 94% is a perfect buy


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The purpose of stock analysis worksheet?

  • Generally people buy stocks without knowing well about it. This is a mistake
  • It allows people to invest in a company with bare minimum awareness about it
  • This worksheet allow investor to "self verify" any stock before investing
  • This worksheet is not a stock suggestion tool
  • It does not give you any investment advice to its users
  • It is a tool which one can use to LEARN stock analysis
  • The purpose & utility of this worksheet is much larger.
  • It helps its users to bring forward that hidden investors-knack
  • This worksheet fulfills the necessity of doing fundamental analysis for long term investment
  • People often get lost in study of fundamental analysis
  • This worksheet is like "ready to use" tool to do fundamental analysis