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BASEL Banking Group’s Decisions will Push Gold Prices Further Up in 2013

In last few years we have seen gold price rally as never seen before. In last five years the gold price has risen from Rs 1000/gram to Rs 3000/gram. BASEL banking group has recently taken a decision which is most likely to push gold prices further up. So if you were expecting that the gold […]

Investing In Gold this Diwali

Investment in gold has its own set of controversies, but it is also a fact that perhaps gold is the oldest and most used legal tender on our mother earth. So in this article, we will not focus on the controversies and will instead focus only on investing in gold as Diwali is approaching very […]

Gold Investment in India: Advice

Gold generally covers a large portion of a family asset in countries of Asia specially India. Though it is not a conscious decision to buy and preserve gold as an investment tool but lot of Indian families possesses gold in the form of jewellery. Even Investment brains suggest that at 10% of the investment portfolio […]

Relationship Between Gold and Stock Market

Gold is called safe investment heaven for investors. It has been observed that that there us a negative relationship between gold and stock market performance. When the market is most pessimistic, gold performs very well. When stock market is slipping down investors seem to shower their confidence in gold. History has proved that the gold […]

Investment in Gold is Safe or Not

The world is recently in an unprecedented crisis, prices are rising steadily, and people (Europeans) are reluctant to invest. The crisis that began as a financial crisis has not only led to a global economic crisis but also to a crisis of confidence. If at all people have more confidence in the revival of economy’s […]

How Long the Gold price Bull Market will Go?

The gold price has only gone up in recent few years. Many have actually started questioning that what is enough? Is this gold price will only continue to go up? Few months back the gold was trading around $1200/ ounce mark and people said that this is almost exorbitant. In few months time the gold […]

Gold Bullion Investment: India

Is Gold Bullion Investment worth the praise? In today’s world world we have enough alternatives of investment of our hard earned money. But important for us to scrutinize all alternatives and select the option which is worth investing in. A lay investor should look for an investment options that does not carry too much risk […]

Is Gold a Good Investment in 2012

Why you should buy gold as an investment option? There are lot people who have tried search answer for this question in terms of past returns on investment (ROI) that gold has given to its investors. Low ROI has often made people repeatedly question the effectiveness of gold and they ask is gold a good […]

Investing in Gold Bullions

Definition of gold bullion A gold brick is a flat, rectangular shape, weighing 1000 grams (or 1 kg), bearing the mark of a depth-tester recognized and whose purity is greater than 995 mils (or 24 karat ). There are many smelters-testers in the world, ESPECIALLY in Switzerland and Germany, the most famous are Credit Suisse, […]

Certified Gold Coins Price Valuation

As in stock market investing, the stocks are valued by value investing principles similarly principles can be used to evaluate the worth of certified gold coins. The concept of intrinsic value of stocks says that ‘intrinsic value of stocks’ is independent of its market price. Hence today gold may be trading at $1300 per ounce […]

Behavior of Gold in Financial Crisis

In last few days Gold price has plunged below Rs 28K. Investors are facing losses from current equity market fall (the market slipped nearly 900 points in 2 days) and it has been observed that to make up for this loss investors are selling their gold holdings. Presently the gold has plunged to Rs 27.5K […]

Gold is a good or a bad investment?

In the eyes of value investors gold has always been debated as a ‘not so good’ investment option. The vacuum about intrinsic value of gold brings doubt on value investors mind. One of the world’s best value investors Warren Buffett  does not consider gold as an investment option at all. Gold has no intrinsic value […]

How to buy gold investment

Till past few decades gold has been considered more as a jewellery than a investment option. The reason behind this is very simple, the gold that was sold in the market was more in the form of jewellery than as gold bullion’s, etfs etc. In such stages there were analysts who had foretasted that gold […]

Gold Price is having an amazing rally

Gold prices are falling at last. After an unbelievable rally since last 3 year, it looks like gold price has seen some speed-breakers. Go give you an idea that how much we have allowed this gold bubble to develop, you have to note that somewhere in Jan’2007, gold price was trading at Rs 8,000/10 grams..see […]

Gold is not an investment but a speculative asset

Getmoneyrich.com has never been a big fan of gold investment because we do not consider gold as an investment at all. For sure gold is an asset which people accumulates (or better hoards) with an exception that some one else will buy it from them at higher prices. Gold only has emotional drive for people […]