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How a Beginner can start investing money - image

How a Beginner can start investing money?

When I was in my mid-twenties, my father advised me to start investing money. Hence, he helped me to buy my first life insurance endowment plan. In later years, I started buying mutual funds regularly […]

How to analyze stocks in Excel - Image

How to analyze stocks in Excel?

Before we understand ‘how to analyze stocks in Excel’, we must know ‘why to analyze stocks‘ in first place. Why we cannot simply buy a stock and expect returns? Because stock is a ‘speculative asset’. […]

Dividend yield formula - image

Interesting things about dividend yield formula

The formula which is used to calculate dividend yield is simple. Dividend yield equals dividend per share divided by price. But what makes the dividend yield formula interesting is the “price” placed in the denominator. […]

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