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Warren Buffett Type Indian Stocks

Indian Companies with Economic Moat 2018


If Warren Buffett will look for investments in India, which Indian companies will attract his attention? The short answer is, he will look for companies having “economic moat“.  Three questions arise here related to Warren […]

What are stocks - BUY AND SELL STOCKS

What are Stocks: Introduction (Part-1)


What are stocks all about? Why they are often seen as a complicated investment? Is it really complicated to buy and sell stocks? For sure, investing in stocks is not as simple as buying a […]

Where to Invest 10 Lakh in India - FeaturedImage

Best Way To Invest 10 Lakhs in India?


Which is the best way to invest 10 lakhs rupees in India? How it will be the “best way”? It can be the best way if, it can generate reasonable returns without high “risk of […]

Best SIP Plans - image

Best SIP Plan for 20 Years

Mutual Funds

Before we see the individual SIP plan, it is essential to get some concepts clear about the SIP itself. Why? Because if we know what is SIP, we will eventually use it more effectively for […]

Engineers India Ltd - Stock Analysis - Image

Engineers India Ltd- Stock Analysis

Engineers India ltd is a Government of India Enterprise. Its main business is “Engineering Consultancy” and EPC (Turnkey Projects) services. Engineers India Ltd (EIL) comes under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The consultancy […]

Navin Fluorine - Stock Analysis - Image

Navin Fluorine – Stock Analysis

Navin Fluorine is a company oriented towards chemical business. They specialise in production of fluorine based products. Their main products are refrigerant gases, basic fluorides etc. The main competitors of Navin Fluorine are listed below. […]

Cyient Ltd - Stock Analysis - Image

Cyient Ltd – Stock Analysis

Cyient is a company which provides “software-enabled engineering & GIS services” to its customers. Some of its top customers are Boeing, Alstom Transportation, Hamilton Sundstrand etc. The company has more than 15,000+ employees based in […]

Long Term Debt Cycle - Image2

Economy and Long Term Debt Cycle (Part-3)

In part-2 we have seen what’s causing the short term debt cycles. Availability of cheap credit was causing those cycles. Long term debt cycles are also caused by credit (excess debt accumulation in economy). But […]