When to Avoid Car Insurance Claim?

One must avoid car insurance claim in case of minor damages. Why? First pay the insurance premium, and then avoid small claims, does it make sense? Yes it will make economic sense due to a […]

Business Model of Airports - Image

Business Model of Airports

The business model of airports across the world is quite unique.  Airports in itself is a hugely capital intensive investment. Both in terms of CAPEX and Operating costs, airports demand huge cash flows.  Airport Authority […]

Where People Spend Money in India - Image

Where People Spend Money in India?

There is an interesting report of hindustantimes (HT) which speaks about where people spend money in India. This report talks about spending habits of all category of people residing in India. I found this report […]

DIY Personal Financial Overhaul -image

DIY Personal Financial Overhaul

Who need to read this DIY personal finance overhaul article? People whose finance is in a mess. Financial health of these people are so bad that even a financial doctor would not be able to […]

How Common Men Can Pick Stocks -image2

How Common Men Can Pick Stocks?

Stocks are good investment for common men? How common men can pick stocks? Stocks are good investment for anyone who knows how to deal with it. How to deal with stocks? By developing a skill […]

Flaw in Banking System - Image

A Flaw in Banking System

Though I am not an expert to find a flaw in banking system, but something stunning has come into my notice. Why I call it stunning? (I mean it in a negative way). I was […]

Use Capture Ratio to Pick Good Mutual Funds -Image
Mutual Funds

Use Capture Ratio to Pick Good Mutual Funds

Like sharpe ratio, one can also use Capture Ratio to pick good mutual funds. Sharpe Ratio highlights the risk taken by the mutual fund to generate returns. Capture Ratio highlights the performance of mutual fund […]


Income and Expense Tracking using Mobile APP

Income and expense tracking is necessary to keep ones money management in control.  Money management means what? It deals with spending money wisely in accordance with ones income and financial goals. Here it is important […]