I am Mani, the Founder and the blogger behind getmoneyrich.com.

I am an engineering graduate who, in pursuit of financial independence, has converted into a full time blogger.

After working in the corporate world for almost 15 years, I bid it adieu.

It was one of the toughest moves of my life. But I was sure that this is the best gift I could give to myself.

Now I do a thing that I “love-doing”. Blogging. I blog about personal finance and investment.

I am not an investment advisor, nor I am an “expert in finance”. I am just a blogger who loves to write.

Studying and writing on topics of money management and investment is my passion.

I have spent my last 10 years reading on this subject. I have particularly developed liking for equity linked investments (mainly stocks).

In a way it can be said that, I have seen the world of investment from eyes of a common man.

Hence, I always try to write blog posts which is more understandable for its true readers.

Who are my true readers? Freshers, first time investors, aged people, job-goers etc.


In my school days, I had a special liking for economics. It was one of my opt-in subject.

Being a student of maths and science, having inclination for economics was cool. 🙂

Apart from economics, I also liked numbers and stories.

Though scoring in studies was not my strongest area, but I used to do reasonably well with numbers and language.

But it is true that these were not my first liking.

I realised my liking for ‘writing’ quite late.

I realised it while I was preparing for my entrance examinations. Whenever I used to get stressed out, I used to write.

Writing was a BIG stress-buster for me, and it used to happen quite naturally.

Probably this is from where the roots of my blogging began to grow.

Today I am a full time blogger. I am thankful that I listened to my heart.

I love writing for my readers. I do not seem to get tired when I am blogging. ♥

During my school days, writing long essays and letters was not difficult for me. I could fill pages effortlessly.

Writing for self, liking for books, maths, reasoning-ability etc were few early signs about my passion.

But I must say that I was dumb not to realise my real likings earlier. 🙁

Had I been more observant about me, I would have covered more ground than today.


Possibly god wanted me to wait for something better. Everything happens for a purpose…..perfectly fits in here.

I developed a second liking for finance when I was already a professional (in job).

My passion for investment & personal finance grew when I started living away from my parents.

The need for effective money management was felt more strongly when I was on my own.

One day I got hold of a book which my father gifted me in year 2003. It was stacked below my college books.

It was a small book with its cover named ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Though such catchy names do not generally attract me, but I decided to read that book.

This book changed my life.

It was an eye opener for me. My liking for personal finance and investment only grew from there.

Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki for writing such an inspirational book.

Since then, I have tried to keep adding new books to my knowledge base.

Though I am not a viscid reader, but books-stores tend to attract me more than H&M’s, Shoppers Stop’s, Lifestyle stores etc.

But I will confess that I can spend considerable time in a gadget stores. 🙂


My liking for ‘writing’ and ‘finance’ converged into “one” when I wrote my first blog in 2007.

In those days I used to design my webpages my self. It was quite a task for a non-techie person like me.

Soon I became aware about WordPress. My real blogging-life started from there.

In year 2008 I purchased the domain www.getmoneyrich.com.

Today in hindsight, I can say that blogging didn’t happened to me as a coincidence.

It was a very conscious decision and I am lucky that my blog is becoming popular now.

After 10 years of “dreaming and working”, today my blog is able to support my family on its own.

But this has not diluted my objective of blogging.

I blog, only to learn and share my understanding about money, with my readers.

In the process of doing this, I also seem to make some money.

I wish it stays like this for rest of my life. Why? Because I do not want to become a “robotic man” again. 🙂

My blogs must have that personal touch & a sense of simplicity which my readers must feel while reading.

Financial Independence

The idea with which I started learning about money management still stands true.

I want to achieve ‘Financial Independence’.

These are not just any two letter word for me. Like people recite Slokas, I preach the goal of ‘financial independence’.

It works like a search light for me. It has given a more definite direction and purpose to my life.

What is my route to financial independence?

Study > Blog > Earn > Invest > Passive Income > Financial Independence.

Equity Investment

I have a special liking for equity linked investments.

I realised early that investment does not mean just ‘buying and selling of shares’.

The book that I got my hands on was “The Little Book that Beats the Market” by Joel Greenblatt.

This book was referred to me by a family member. He is a IIT graduate now settled in US.

The book was fantastic and helped me to start analysing stocks.

With help of this book I started playing with financial statement of companies on my excel sheet.

I also referred other books on investment. I read about security analysis, reading financial statements etc.

The concept of value investing is something that I really follow for myself.

During my ongoing study about investment I became aware of Warren Buffett.

It was the Buffett’s philosophy in investments that changed the way I look at equity today.

He has inspired me to go in greater depths of financial statements.

There was time, when numbers in financial statements was alien to me. Now I am able to read annual reports of companies with reasonable clarity.

I even try to self-learn and estimate the intrinsic value of businesses. Though it is still “work in progress” at the moment…

I try to blend all learnings and understanding about stocks into something more useful than just blogs.

I offer a product called stock analysis worksheet.

People can use it to get a feel of how numbers in the financial reports can be used to estimate intrinsic value of stocks.

What keeps me going…

I realised that, “easy to understand” contents are not available on internet about investment.

This was a challenge for me to present complicated topics in a very understandable way.

Moreover, I also try not to write just articles, but it must be life changing article.

My blog also tries to inculcate a idea that “Investment is a necessity, its not an option”.

Writing blog posts comes naturally to me. It is not an effort.

For me, reading, investment and blogging fuels each other.

The more I read, the more effectively I can invest. Effective investments helps me to write a useful blog post.

I must admit that the whole cycle of reading > investing >blogging gives me immense satisfaction.

My blog site has allowed me to blend all my passions into one.

How I improve my blog

I try to keep my expressions in my blog as real as possible. To do this, I must keep reading.

Reading allows me to keep updating my old contents.

I also spend time researching and refining my investing skills.

All of what I am learning, I try to share it through my blog posts.

Personally Speaking…

I aspire to run a full-marathon one day.

Though I am still a beginner when it comes to running. As on today I could touch only 11Km in a go.

I like to watch movies, but only in Cinema Halls.

I am not much of a TV watcher, but I like Big Boss – God knows why. 🙂

I have also subscribed to Netflix/Amazon Prime. It gives me access to nice documentaries and other movies.

My Kindle remains handy with me. Though these days I spend more time reading on my phone.

I have intentionally kept myself anonymous from my readers. I write all my blogs with a Pen Name “Mani”.

Why I do like this? It helps me to write better.

I am also somebody who does not prefer lot of attention. I am a very private person by nature.

I am more at peace with myself than in a crowd.

If you would like to contact me, you can do it here: