Business Model of Airports - Image

Business Model of Airports

The business model of airports across the world is quite unique.  Airports in itself is a hugely capital intensive investment. Both in terms of CAPEX and Operating costs, airports demand huge cash flows.  Airport Authority […]

What is the business Model of Banks - image

What is the business Model of Banks?

Business model of Banks are different from other business. We are more accustomed with “manufacturing” business models. Which is as below: Spend money to buy resources (Cost). Use resources to produce goods & services. Sell […]

How BHIM UPI Works -image

How BHIM UPI Works?

What is BHIM UPI? BHIM stands for “Bharat Interface for Money”. How BHIM UPI works? UPI stands for “Unified Payment Interface”. BHIM UPI is a revolutionary payment system started by Government of India. BHIM UPI is […]

Build a Business to Become Rich -image

Why Build a Business to Become Rich

Why it is essential to build a business to become rich? People who are financially rich says that the probability of one becoming rich is very low while working for others (in job). The problem […]


Basic of Accounting Explained

For an investor, it is essential to know the basic of accounting. In this post, we will see simple explanations of accounting. No matter how big or small is the business, accounting rules must be adhered by […]