Building an investment portfolio from scratch -image

Building an investment portfolio from scratch

How to start building an investment portfolio from scratch?  This looks like a logical question for beginners, right? But even experienced investors can take clues from here.  People who have not built their investment portfolio […]


How to measure investment returns?

There are several ways to measure investment returns. Which method is the best? You will surprised to note the number of methods we have, to establish return on investment (ROI). The method that can be used to […]

Time is money -image

Time is Money – What it means?

Time is money, we know. In fact what comes for free in this world? Nothing. Time is one of those rearrest of rare things which is not present in abundance in this world. We have only […]

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Investment answers using excel

We can derive some important investment answers using excel. In this blog post we see some of the most common investment questions being answered effortlessly using excel. Generally we do very lengthy calculation in excel […]