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Tax on Mutual Fund Returns in India

What will be the tax on mutual fund returns in India? To understand the tax treatment of mutual fund returns, we have to first answer a simple question. In what forms, an investor can earn […]

Use Capture Ratio to Pick Good Mutual Funds -Image
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Use Capture Ratio to Pick Good Mutual Funds

Like sharpe ratio, one can also use Capture Ratio to pick good mutual funds. Sharpe Ratio highlights the risk taken by the mutual fund to generate returns. Capture Ratio highlights the performance of mutual fund […]

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ELSS Fund: Save Tax with Equity

What is ELSS Fund? Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), is a type of mutual fund. There are two components to ELSS: Equity. Savings. It has an equity component. Means, the portfolio of ELSS Fund contains […]