Vakrangee Share Price Analysis

Vakrangee share price was at Rs.85 levels on Jan’16. By Jan’18 (in 2 years), it price moved up to Rs.505 levels. This was a CAGR growth of 143.7%. But ever since Jan’18, its price is […]


Analysis of PTC India Share Price

What made me do the analysis of PTC India share price? Recently I observing the overall stocks market and its individual sectors in general. In last few days, the stock market has been showing signs of […]

Warren Buffett 3 Rules -image

Warren Buffett 3 Rules of Investing

Lets try to first appreciate the origin of Warren Buffett’s 3 rules of investing. Warren Buffett learned investment in ‘Columbia Business School’. In that school Benjamin Graham was the teacher of Warren Buffett. Those were the days […]

Absolute PE Stocks -image2

How to Calculate Absolute PE of stocks?

The logic behind the use of “Absolute PE of stocks” to estimate its intrinsic value is pretty simple. We all know about the utility of conventional PE ratio to value stocks. Market Price = Conventional PE X […]


Utility of Stock Analysis Worksheet

This blog post will highlight the utility of stocks analysis worksheet. It explains how it can analyse stocks. What we intend to do when we analyse stocks? The answer is simple, we want to know, if the […]

What are the factors affecting share prices

What are the factors affecting share prices?

There are complex interrelated external and internal factors affecting share prices. Hence, predicting share price movements is hard even for pro investors. Why investors must be aware of these external factors that affect share prices? The reason […]