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How to create wealth from nothing?

How to create wealth from nothing? The stress is on the word “nothing”. Why? Because if one knows how to create wealth from “nothing”, doing the same with “help of something” will be easier, right? […]


How can a salaried person become rich?

Mostly it is the business men who become richer than others. But how can a salaried person become rich? Smart business men tend to become rich more frequently than salaried people. Yes, the keyword to become […]


How to Build Wealth in your 30s?

You want to know the formula to build wealth in your 30s? This formula can make money-making very effective. Majority feels satisfied to lead a mediocre life. The reason for this mediocrity can be ignorance. […]

How to become crorepati in India - 1

How to Become Crorepati in India?

Is is possible for a common man to become crorepati in India? Honestly speaking its not easy. But is there a way out? Generally we associate only big movie starts, politicians, cricketers & businessmen with […]

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Source of Income of Rich People

For me the definition of Rich is not only to have lot of money. Rich people make money differently. For them, ‘how’ they make money is very important. For ultra rich people, money keeps dripping […]


Basic Traits of Rich People

There are few basic traits of rich people that is lacking among common men. What are they? Rich people does things which we common people do not preach. But not all rich people are same. […]

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How to make money work for yourself

We often work like slaves to our money. How to make money work for ourselves? Money virtually decides every aspect of their life. But this situation is no different for even affluent people. People who […]

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Why to Track Your Net Worth growth?

Tracking ones net worth growth is super important. Why? Net worth growth is Important for individual investors (small and big). But do we know about how to calculate net worth? Mostly No. Suppose you have bought […]

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Where to Keep Emergency Fund?

It is important to have an emergency fund. But it is equally essential to keep emergency fund in right place. What are the rules? Where to keep emergency fund so that it doesn’t get spent […]