Investment Ideas in India 2016

People like stock investing. Like icing on the cake one can choose to buy offshore stocks like indigenous stocks. Indian nationals can invest in offshore stocks. It is permitted by RBI. Institutions like India Infoline, ICICI Direct & Kotak Securities offer such trading option. Including offshore stocks in portfolio will provide excellent portfolio diversification.
Improper child planning can cost lots of money. Ignoring child planning will cost huge money when emergency arrives. Better is to invest in Child Plans starting very early. Indian financial institutions like SBI, LIC, HDFC, Aviva, Birlasunlife etc provides good child plans for investing. Its better to invest money for child plan than keeping it in savings option.
This option provides a good balance between stocks & bank-deposits. They are not as safe but can yield high returns (2-3%) higher than bank deposits. Company deposits is a good choice. But companies are not obliged to pay returns. Buy deposits of only high credit rated (AA) companies. AAA rated companies offer safest company deposits for investors.
These stocks has potential to provide high growth rates. But simultaneously they are very risky. Buying small cap stocks can provide great growth possibility. Before investing a question must be answered, why its low cap? Low cap stock having strong business fundamental is a best buy. But most low cap stocks has weak business fundamentals.
If idea is income generation, this is one of the best investment alternative. It’s not for people who desire larger returns. MIP’s (Monthly Income Plan) are like a combination of saving option & debt linked investment. After payment of principal for certain number of years, monthly income generation will start. Investing in MIP is a good habit.
This is the most suggested investment idea by experts. It combines the benefit of both capital appreciation & income generation. Rental Property offers best returns in long term. Both residential & commercial property yields rent. We often take it for granted that all real estate property will yield rents. But one must target high & growing yields.
Like stock & forex trading, this option can also be used fro trading. Buying low and selling high is best optimized in trading commodities. Demat account for this is different than equity trading. Commodity trading is executed using contracts. This is also similar to margin trading. Here the margin to be paid is only 5%. Hence risk of loss is higher.
This instrument is like company deposits. But the only difference is they are listed in stock market. NCD's (Non-convertible Debentures) can be traded like stocks. Buying NCD of AA rated companies are better. Lower rating companies will offer higher returns but are risky. Return on capital is not ensured if company is facing cash flow problems.
Investment in this option is a good idea. Here one can use a hobby to accumulate assets. I am talking about investing in Arts. There are people in this world who can pay handsomely for a work of fine art. Some examples can be painting, drawings, photographs, sculpture, hand-made crafts & designs etc. It takes an eye to locate and work of fine art.
This option can be used by both cash-rich & common men. Investing here is comparatively easier and returns are assured. Properties in Pre-Launch stage are priced the best. It is easier to earmark a property based on reputation of builder. A combination of good location and good builder can provide fantastic returns.
This is one of my personal favorite investment ideas. I love investing in dividend stocks. Stocks that yields high & regular dividends are favorite of any investor. But its not easy to catch hold of such stocks. Best dividend paying stocks are available during stock market crash. In those times strongest fundamental stocks price fall like pack of cards.
This alternative is best suited for stock traders. Generally, stock investing is for long term. But Margin Trading allows people to trade equity in short term. Suppose one wants to buy 100 stocks of TCS. At present market price it will cost Rs 250,000. But by using margin trading, only Rs 45,000 will be enough. ROI of margin trading can be very high.
Investing in this option yields maximum benefits when corpus is left untouched for long time. This investment option is unavoidable. Employee Provident Fund is compulsory for salaried people. It is such a good option because it forcibly saves money out of people spending-pockets. On top of that this saved money also yields decent interest.
We love to trade for making quick money. One of the most traded market is Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). Here different currencies of the world are traded. Forex trading using Indian exchanges is permitted by RBI. In India we can trade in USD ($) only. Trading in Forex is risky as movements of currencies are very unpredictable.
People who are cash-rich avails this facility. They take services of experts of investment to manage their money. Asset Management services are offered by Banks etc. Complete asset portfolio is managed. Proportional inclusion of stocks, funds, ETF, commodities, debts etc are taken care in asset management services. Tailor made portfolio can be build.
Banks offer excellent savings options. We can use these options for investing our money as they are very safe. They may not yield very high returns, but like post office savings they are absolutely safe. Fixed income generation is best offered by Savings Option of Banks. Fixed deposits, bank bonds, PPF & Senior Citizen savings scheme are best with banks.
People who do not want to practice very aggressive investing can go for Post Office Savings Schemes. Few most used plans of post office are, i) savings account, ii) recurring deposit, iii) fixed deposit, iv) Monthly income plan, v) Senior citizen savings, vi) Public provident fund, vii) NSC, viii) Kisan vikas patra & ix) Sukanya Samriddhi Account.
No matter how critical one is, there is no denying of the fact that Gold is liked by many. Gold investment may be a speculative option but till there are buyers, risk can be taken. Gold ETF is also traded in secondary market. People who wants to increase their exposure to gold (from comfort of home) can buy Gold ETF's by online trading.
This options will saves income tax on one hand and gives equity like growth. This combination is mouth watering, isn't it? ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes) provides tax benefit under section 80C. Being a savings scheme, the fund managers take less risk here. But returns generated in last 5 years are still very good (>12% per annum).
This is one of those investment ideas, though great, still will not fetch high returns. Sounds confusing? We common people do not invest much in Money Market Funds. They are great because the fund is managed by expert fund managers. They keep our money liquid (like savings account) and generate returns much higher than savings account. Worth a try...
This options is great for people with high net worth. It is also property investing but not for capital appreciation. Rental Property is one excellent avenue for long term investors. Selecting a property location that inherently yields high dividends is important. High net worth people resort to lower bank loans which increases dividend yield.
It is essential for people to buy equity & simultaneously keep the portfolio diversified. Index ETF is one excellent investment idea. What make index ETF so great? Earlier, before advent of ETF, mutual fund route was the only way to buy index. But now one can buy all index at once by ETF. For people who are new to equity, ETF make perfect sense.
People whose investment affordability is low can opt for this option. Though it is low cost option but are still very well managed. One can start a SIP in Diversified Equity Mutual Fund. Equity linked diversified fund having high AUM & 5 Star CRISIL rating can yield fantastic returns. Just keep funding the SIP for next 7-10 years.

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