Why you must invest money?

Invest money to accumulate assets worth millions…

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I am Mani, the creator of this blog.

My blog are generally about investment and personal finance.

I specially like to write about stocks and financial independence.

If you are new to the concept of “financial independence” and “investment”, this page is for you!

It contains information that will help you to narrow your search and speed-up your knowledge gathering process.

If you are like most of my readers, you are a beginner, who want to learn “how to invest and manage money in systematic way”.

You are already earning decently income. Your goal is to “learn” to save and invest money effectively. You also want to learn how to practice “loan management”.

Who am I?

An investor, a passionate blogger who is close to financial independence.

I love reading and jogging as it helps me to recoup every day to give the best to something I am so passionate about, blogging.

I am a full time blogger who works day-in and day-out to achieve the goal of financial independence. My path to reach my goal is through investment. I invest my earnings to build an asset portfolio. This asset portfolio in turn generates passive income for me. The higher is my passive income, less dependent I will be on my job.

I once used to have a full time job. From those days, I am carrying a goal of building an investment portfolio worth million dollars. The idea is to make my investment portfolio big enough so that it can generate sufficient income to make me financially independent.

I used this blog platform to share my understanding about investment & personal finance management. know more…

The story of getmoneyrich

This blog also commensurate my goal for achievement of financial independence. Getmoneyrich is not just a blog for me, it is one of my “asset”.

Getmoneyrich is a passion and I am proud of it. When I began posting blogs on getmoneyrich, the traffic was ZERO. For almost a year I got NIL visitors. Then in June’2009, the things began to change. I had my first 1,000 pageviews in Sep’2009.

Since then getmoneyrich has seen several ups and down. But together with my readers all hurdles were handled and the blog kept moving.

Today getmoneyrich has 8,9000+ page views per day. Thanks to my readers who kept motivating me to stay-put.

Getmoneyrich is not just a blog. Every blog post here tries to solve a problem.

It has close to 400+ life changing articles live and ticking. Though I started late, but in last couple of years email subscribers have dramatically increased from zero to 30,000+ numbers. We also have subscribers growing on our youtube channel. We have close to 2,125+ followers on our facebook page. We have 360+ followers on our twitter page.

We also offer some useful products for my readers which they can use and learn the process of investing.

The pain of a beginner

When I started investing almost a decade back, I had virtual no knowledge about it. I still remember the name of my first stock (DLF). But in those days, stock investing was more like shooting in the dark with a hope to hit the bulls eye.

I had no financial plan, I had no goal, I had no knowledge, but I happened to buy my first stock. Fortunately I made some money. But it was not the right approach to investing money.

In my blog, I help my readers to first answer a very important question before even thinking to buy the first security.

A beginner must first answer why to invest money at all? In the process of answering this question, one will eventually fix his goal. To achieve this goal, one will draft a financial plan.

After the goal and plan is in place, one must start becoming aware of the different investment vehicles available for investing.

Depending on the goal, suitable investment option must be selected. It is here that my blog will prove most beneficial. Though I do not offer any investment advice, but what I share in my blog is a “though process”.

I try to share a “detailed” thought process that one must build to practice successful investing.

I believe, that there are not many blogs around which publishes contents with target of explaining, the most difficult concepts, in a simple way, to a beginner.

All of my blog posts are meant for a beginner. Target is to give them sufficient know-how to become a self-sustained investor.

Generally, beginners are hesitant to start their investment journey from stocks. They buy fixed deposits, mutual funds, gold, real estate etc, but when it comes to stock investing, the confidence fades.

Though the interest is there, but due to lack of knowledge about how a stock market works, a lot of beginner avoid investing in stocks all together. This is one reason why you will find a lot of my blog posts on stock investing.

How can I help you?

I am a investor who learns investing by self. Whatever I am learning also gets shared as my blog posts. Hence what you will ready in getmoneyrich are not just article but also my experience.

I am inspired by bloggers who do the same. People who write contents are different than people who share experience and knowledge.

This difference becomes very evident when one reads two blogs on same topic. One blog will change you in more ways than one, while other blog will have no or little influence.

I am inspired by a blogger who believes in writing life changing article. I try to do the same.

I have provided my personal favorite blog posts here. These blog posts are those posts which is closest to my heart. Even while I was writing those article, I experiences a change withing me. I hope you will like it too.



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