How to Record Balance Sheet Transactions: Examples

Every balance sheet transactions recorded by the company, alters its Balance sheet. For investors, it is interesting to understand balance sheet transactions of companies. Though the understanding of balance sheet transactions is not essential, but its […]

How Companies use Retained Earnings - image

How Companies use Retained Earnings?

How companies use retained earnings, says a lot about their core strengths and business practices. Qualified investors analyse companies with a critical view on their retained earnings. Lets understand how retained earnings gets build-up over […]


How to Buy Stocks in India: Online

Want to buy stocks? How to buy stock in India online from comfort of home? Why people get attracted to buy stock online? The reason for this attraction is simple. Investing online means person is […]

LIC Investment Portfolio - image

LIC Investment Portfolio

All in all LIC investment portfolio worth is approx. Rs 8lakh crore. There is a plan to add stocks worth Rs 60,000 Crore in 2013 in LIC investment portfolio. LIC is committed to invest almost […]

Sensex Companies with its Weightage 2018 - Image

Sensex Companies with its Weightage 2018

Sensex companies are selected very judiciously by experts. All companies are not included in Sensex. As on date, Sensex has only 31 companies (earlier there were only 30*). These 31 companies represent complete Indian stock market. […]