Should You Pay Home Loan Early - image

Should You Pay Home Loan Early?

Home loan is one debt that is often very high in value. Payment of EMI takes years to complete. Important question is should you pay home loan early? As home loans are big in amount, their […]

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How to Save Money in India from ones salary?

Experts write billion words about investment. But it is surprising that how little is written about how to save money. Saving  comes naturally to Indians. But the global issue with savings is inconsistency. How to save money […]

How to Invest for Monthly Income in India - image

How to Invest for Monthly Income in India?

Investing money for monthly income generation is not very popular in India. Investments are more synonymous with capital appreciation. As capital appreciation has potential to provide immediate gratification, people follow ‘growth strategy’ more than ‘income strategy’. […]


Home Construction Loan Process in India

Before this incident I never heard of home construction loan. One of our colleague was constructing a home for himself. In this age of rapid urbanisation, he decided to construct a home all by himself. […]