Online EPF withdrawal process 2017

How difficult it was for people to understand the EPF withdrawal process?

In good old days, EPF withdrawal process was known only to the employer.

Hence it was not uncommon to find ex-employees being harassed by the employers for their EPF withdrawals.

But the cases of harassment was a smaller problem. The bigger issue was lack of control in hands of the employees.

After all, EPF money is the employees hard earned money. Employees should be in control of their money withdrawal, not the employer or the EPFO.

Till the person is doing a job, he/she keeps contributing unconditionally to the EPF account. But when the employee leaves his job and wants to withdraw the EPF fund; he was bombarded with procedures.

Withdrawal of EPF was a herculean task in the past. This was almost evil.

But thankfully the Government of India has streamlined the EPF withdrawal process to almost perfection.

The present EPF withdrawal procedure is easy and transparent.

There has been several complaints in the past. As a result, to improve the EPF portability and EPF withdrawals, in favour of the employees, EPFO & Finance Ministry decided to implement the concept of UAN (Unique Account Number).

Under this scheme, every EPF account will be linked with a UAN.

It will help in portability of EPF account in case the person is switching jobs without any intervention of the past employer.

Individual will have the same UAN active throughout his carrier.

Even if the person is switching companies or is changing states, the same UAN number will encompass all new PF accounts.

Now lets see how one can withdraw EPF money after retirement or even premature retirement….

#A. Check you EPF Balance before applying for the withdrawal

Once can download the EPF mobile APP and check the PF balance

#B. Common UAN is beneficial?

How a common UAN benefits the EPF withdrawal process for the employees?

The best benefit of having an unique UAN is that, one can by self (online), transfer EPF fund from one account to other.

This is applicable for those needy people who changed jobs but have not ported their last companies PF balance.

Earlier the procedure of EPF transfer was not online. Hence people were only dependent on employers to get the EPF fund transferred.

But now Indian government has give the charge in hands of employees themselves.

It is also logical, after all EPF saving is employees hard earned money.

In case the person has left the Job permanently (premature retirement), in this case as well, the person can withdraw the EPF balance to ones bank account.

In this blog post, we will know about the online EPF withdrawal process applicable from year 2017.

But one critical point in online withdrawal of EPF is knowing ones UAN. Ones UAN number will look like this: 100XX XXX XXXX. Its a 12 digit numeric number.

#C. What to do if you do not know your UAN?

EPFO has allotted unique UAN for everyone who carries a valid PF number.

The details of the linked UAN has been posted to the respective employers by EPFO.

So, to know your UAN, one can approach the company HR and ask for it.

In case the company is delaying the disclosure of your UAN, do not worry.

Get your PF number from your salary slip. Use this link to self-check the status of your UAN.

You will need only PF account number to know your UAN.

#D. What is the online EPF withdrawal process 2018?

If one has taken retirement (even if it is premature), one can withdraw their EPF fund by filing and submitting Form-19 (UAN) to ones regional EPFO office.

In case one want to partially withdraw ones EPF fund, this is also possible. In this case one has to fill Form-31 (UAN).

It is essential to indicate the right reason for partial EPF withdrawal.

The reasons for partial withdrawal is already listed in the Form-31. One has to select the reason only from the provided in this list.

If correct reason is not provided, the partial withdrawal request will stand rejected.

Steps required to apply for online EPF withdrawal process is as below:

Step 1: Ensure KYC details are seeded in UAN account

Visit website and login to your account.

Once your are logged in, go to Manage > KYC.

Here the following documents must appear in the Approved KYC tab (bottom of page).

  1. Bank Account,
  2. PAN and,
  3. Aadhar.

Employee can also self-upload these documents for approval. The uploaded documents will appear in the Pending KYC tab.

Once the Employer approves these submitted documents from his login, the documents will be visible under Approved KYC tab.

Once all these 3 documents are seeded, now one is ready to claim their EPF.

Step 2: Ensure that “date of joining and exit” is provided in UAN

Visit website and login to your account.

Once your are logged in, go to View > Service History > Detailed View.

Check the following dates if they are available or not:

  1. Date of joining and
  2. Date of exit is available or not.

If the dates are not available, ask your ex-employer to indicate the same in your UAN.

An employer is obliged to update both the dates at the earliest.

Step 3: Check the mobile number provided in Aadhar Card

To do this I will suggest you to perform a small test.

Visit the website and verify your mobile.

The idea should be that, the mobile that you are carrying while filling the EPF withdrawal form should be the same as indicated in the Aadhar database.

Generally when people are in job, the give their official mobile number in Aadhar data base. But after leaving the job they carry a different mobile.

Why this is important?

Your Aadhar linked mobile number will be used to authenticate your EPF withdrawal application through OTP.

The OTP has the following utility:

  • OTP authentication is required just before the EPF withdrawal CLAIM FORM (step 4) is finally submitted for processing.
  • OTP will be sent to the Aadhar linked phone number.
  • Once the person enters this OTP, the claim form gets finally submitted.
Step 4: Fill the CLAIM FORM

One can apply for EPF withdrawal only after completion of waiting period of 2 months from the date of leaving the job.

Visit website and login to your account.

Once your are logged in, go to Online Services > Claim.

Click the CLAIM tab and you can all your KYC details. Check these details once more.

Once this check is done click the tab “Proceed For Online Claim”.

In the CLAIM form, search for “I want to apply for” field. Then select the right options from the drop down menu.

The drop down menu will have three options. Select your option like:

  1. Partial EPF withdrawal (form19),
  2. EPS withdrawal (form 10C), &
  3. Partial EPF withdrawal (form 31).

Once you select your right form, the detailed form will open. It will be just a one page form.

Fill in all the details and authenticate using OTP (explained in step-3 above).

This will submit your EPF withdrawal claim to EPFO.

EPF withdrawal process_screenshot1

EPF withdrawal process_screenshot2

EPF withdrawal process_screenshot3

Step 5: Track status of your EPF withdrawal claim

Visit website and login to your account.

Once your are logged in, go to Online Services > Track claim Status.

Generally it may take between 1-4 weeks for your claim to be processed.

But these days, there has been cases where the EPFO has transferred the funds within the first 4-5 working days itself.

Step 6: Check your bank account

Once your claim is processed, the EPF money will be credited online to your back account.

This will be the same bank account which you have provided in UAN in Step-1 above.

Income tax liability linked to EPF withdrawal

EPF withdrawals can sometimes be taxed and sometimes get exemption.

Following the conditions explained in brief:

Case 1: EPF withdrawal is tax free, when:
  1. EPF withdrawal is made after serving for more than 5 years in a company.
  2. When EPF is transferred to another account due to change of company (job).
  3. When employee lost job (before 5 years of service) due to serious illness, company closure etc.
  4. EPF is withdrawn before 5 years of service, but the amount is less than Rs.50,000.
Case 2: EPF withdrawal becomes taxable, when:
  1. EPF is withdrawn before 5 years of service, but the amount is more than Rs.50,000. In this case TDS will be deducted @10%.

Disclaimer: All blog posts of are for information only. No blog posts should be considered as an investment advice or as a recommendation. The user must self-analyse all securities before investing in one.

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18 Comments on "Online EPF withdrawal process 2017"

  1. Nirmalesh Verma | February 2, 2018 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    in my UAN, two passbook is showing. one from last employer (from June/2011 to Aug/2015) and then from Sept/2015 to till date of current employer. in first passbook the interest is getting update for 2016 & 2017.
    Can I able to withdraw full amount from my first passbook (2011-2015). If so will it be taxable ?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed process.

    Please help me to understand this issue, I left my previous organization 2 years back where I was served almost for 4.6 years & later I joined a new company. But I didn’t transfer the PF account to the new organization where I’m currently working now. My question is now whether can I withdraw my PF & PS for my previous company PF account? I’ve linked the AADHAR & PAN done with my KYC for the same.

    Could you please advise.


    • You’ve already linked the AADHAR & PAN, OK. A person whose status if currently employed, is not allowed to withdraw the EPF fund. Though partial withdrawal is possible against mention of a reason.

  3. Dear Mani,
    My UAN account is showing only the most recent service history, because I wasn’t allotted UAN with my earlier company. I had transferred the older PF balance and it shows up in my latest UAN passbook. The date-of-joining and date-of-end both are shown only for my latest service. The combined time for both total more than 5 years, but my recent service is only 3 years. I am worried TDS will be deducted. I asked EPF Twitter and they ask me to email “” always returns the same cooked response to contact my company. I also submitted a request to link my old PF account to UAN, but no action is taken for months. My companies are not helping either.
    1. I am not being prompted for TDS till the ‘submit-claim’ step. Can they deduct TDS without warning?
    2. Is TDS levied on the entire amount or only the interest? I had put a lot of personal contribution as well.
    Any advice would be helpful.

  4. I have applied online for PF (form 19) and pension (form 10C) withdrawal on the same day. Is it ok or do I need to withdraw the PF and then the pension amount?

  5. Anonymous User | December 2, 2017 at 6:31 am | Reply

    I started working in Jan’2012 and have worked across multiple companies . My EPF balance as of today shows this –

    Employee Share 168,656.00
    Employer Share 96,907.00

    How much money can I withdraw from my PF account and what would be the tax liabilities on that? I am not into a job right now and hence my PF account or UAN is not having any transactions in the past 3 months . Kindly suggest how much amount should I mention when raising the claim online

  6. Zameer Ahmed Shariff | November 18, 2017 at 1:50 am | Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I am trying to withdraw my EPF and EPS using the online UAN procedure however having trouble while claiming the same. I have firstly seeded my Aadhaar, PAN and Bank account details and the same has been showing under approved KYC but when I click on online services neither Form 19 nor Form 10C is coming (showing) to fill up the details further in claiming my full and final EPF and EPS. Then my EPF and EPS exit date is also not showing up on UAN account.
    How do I go about getting this issue resolved? And
    How long will it take to get my EPF and EPS full and final settlement claimed then credited to my bank account as I am running through a financial crisis and difficulties since am unemployed for about 4 months now.
    Please help.

    • Ask your employer to approve your Aadhar, PAN, and Bank Account. Only your employer can feed entry & exit date in the UAN website.
      Full settlement can take approximately 1 week from the date of submission of form.

  7. Hi,

    What a wonderful detailed and step-by-step post! I will be quitting my job due to personal issues in a week. However, I was thinking of not claiming for my EPF withdrawal for one year after, hoping that it will keep getting interest in that time and the amount will hopefully build up , and then later I could claim. My husband says that the money might disappear by then or it would be impossible to claim the corpus from the pf fund after long time. Is that true? I had thought the account would be still valid for 3 years even if idle. Please advise..

    • Dear Divya,
      EPF corpus will earn interest till 12 months from date of exit from job. But I personally think that, just for the purpose of earning interest, one must not leave the EPF idle. Better will be withdraw and then invest wisely.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the detailed process info.Ive 2 querries :
    1.Can we withdraw 100% of Employee as well as Employer contribution from EPF account when we quit job for moving abroad ?
    2.Do we still have to wait for 2 months in a case where you are quitting your job in India and moving abroad ?

    • Employee plus Employer Contribution can be withdrawn, but only after lapse of 2 months.
      A part of employers contribution goes towards Pension. That needs to be withdrawn separately.

  9. My query is relating to my moms eps withdrawal.My mom & dad are staying separately & we don’t know about his whereabouts.My mom is retired and now we are trying for her employees pension fund withdrawal…In form 10d,they have asked to submit age proofs and photos of family members(including spouse).We can submit just a copy of marriage certificate where age of my dad is mentioned apart from that we don’t have his photos or any other id proofs,will this be sufficient for eps withdrawal form?Will the form be accepted? Please guide.

  10. Online PF withdrawal process is definitely one of the good initiative taken by central government of India, now claims will be settled with in 3 days.

Your comments fuels me to write better...